How We Do CCTV Drain Inspections

Are you faced with a drainage problem or recurring blocked drains? If so, it might be that the structural integrity of your storm water drain or sewer piping has been compromised. Because drains are largely hidden from view, the exact cause and nature of the problem may not be immediately apparent. How can a defect [...]

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How Septic Tanks and French Drains Work

Septic Tanks coupled with a French drain (absorption chamber) are one of the most common sewerage waste treatment processes used here in South Africa. The solids settle to the bottom, the scum floats to the top and the liquid effluent flows through an outlet pipe into a distribution chamber, where it is directed to the [...]

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What To Do If Your Geyser Bursts

A burst geyser can turn into a big problem very quickly. Please contact us immediately if your geyser has just burst. Switch off the geyser isolator switch on the main electrical distribution board. Open a hot water tap for a few minutes, this will relieve the pressure from the geyser. Turn off the water supply [...]


What To Do If You Have A Burst Pipe

What you do when you discover a burst pipe can make the difference between an inconvenience or a total disaster. Here we have highlighted the best action a homeowner can take: Be alert for the signs of Burst Pipes. Damp spots on walls, ceilings or floors, loss of water pressure, a hissing sound or the [...]

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Blocked Drains and Drain Cleaning

Faced with a gurgling noise on your pipeline, a toilet that won’t flush or is backing up, water failing to drain from a basin or bathtub or simply the obvious manhole or gully overflowing? Any gravity drainage system can block, particularly if unsuitable materials are discharged into the drain. Often blocked drains are caused by [...]

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How We Do Leak Detection

Alpha Plumbing employs industry leading leak detection specialists with the ability to locate and eradicate water leaks without unnecessary digging or damage to property. Faced with an unusually high water account? Do you hear the sound of running water without any taps being open or do you see damp spots without it being evident where [...]

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Bust Water Pipes

Burst water pipes is one of the most common plumbing problems that occur and harbours the potential to cause serious damage. If a pipe bursts in the ceiling or floor it can be some time before the water surfaces. Water can cause serious damage to property which is why we take burst pipes very seriously [...]

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