Faced with a gurgling noise on your pipeline, a toilet that won’t flush or is backing up, water failing to drain from a basin or bathtub or simply the obvious manhole or gully overflowing?

Any gravity drainage system can block, particularly if unsuitable materials are discharged into the drain. Often blocked drains are caused by the residue of what has gone into the drain, such as fat, food pieces and plant material, that eventually build up. This is all part of the normal wear and tear. Then there are foreign objects flushed down a toilet, which cause a blockage. Or, what often happens, is that the drain blocks because of a defect or breakage in the pipe caused by plant roots entering the pipe or corrosion. Whatever the problem, you can rely on Alpha Plumbing’s fast and friendly service to solve it.


blocked-drainsAlpha Plumbing is renowned for maintaining high standards in providing a wide range of drain related solutions, including a 24-hour emergency clearing of blocked drains, periodic drain cleaning as well as ongoing drain maintenance. Alpha Plumbing proudly offers a tailor made drain cleaning solution to meet your needs.

There is never a good time for a drain to block as it is a messy and inconvenient hassle, not to mention a health hazard – for which you obviously require an immediate solution. Look no further than Alpha Plumbing’s 24-hour emergency blockage team of expert drain cleaners to unblock your drain promptly and professionally using state of the art electro rotary drain cleaning equipment.


blocked-drains-2Our dual feed sink machine for cleaning small secondary blocked drains provides the perfect solution for cleaning of waste pipes (Kitchen sinks, shower wastes, washing machine and dishwasher wastes) and THERE IS NO MESS.

An increasing number of customers are opting for our regular and pre-planned periodic drain cleaning to eliminate the surprise element and maintain a clear drain. This is especially useful for restaurants and entertainment venues who arrange a cost-effective drain cleaning service scheduled at regular intervals that suit their demands, leaving our customers with the peace of mind that their drains are being looked after by professionals.

Customers throughout Johannesburg have been trusting Alpha Plumbing’s speedy and reliable drain experts for the past 28 years, to assist with blocked drains 24/7 and to keep their drains trouble free.