Alpha Plumbing employs industry leading leak detection specialists with the ability to locate and eradicate water leaks without unnecessary digging or damage to property.

Faced with an unusually high water account? Do you hear the sound of running water without any taps being open or do you see damp spots without it being evident where the water is coming from? These are a few indicators of a possible obscured water leak.


Not only will an obscured water leak lead to a high water account but it can also cause damage to the structural integrity of your walls or foundations not to mention damage to plaster caused by an increase in damp levels within a wall.

Why wait for the damage to escalate – at Alpha Plumbing we take the guesswork out of leak detection by making use of the latest leak detection technology in sonar and gas injection equipment. Gas injection allows for accurate leak detection, it involves injecting Hydrogen and Nitrogen gas into the pipeline allowing one to locate leaks on either hot or cold water piping. Making use of a thermal camera it becomes possible to see the visual image of all hot water lines inside walls or floors. Thermal imaging is one of the most effective methods for detecting leaks.

An additional tool that we utilise successfully in leak detection is the use of a ground microphone. This machine is able to pick up the sound of running water from a leaking pipe. This can also be used for leaking pipes in walls.

Alpha Plumbing was one of the pioneers in the field of water leak detection in Johannesburg, even when this technology was still lesser known in South Africa. We maintain an impeccable accuracy rate dating back to 1994 when we imported our first water leak detection equipment. A lot has changed since then with Alpha Plumbing remaining at the forefront as leak detection specialists.

One phone call to us places 28 years’ of extensive knowledge and expertise in leak detection right at your fingertips. Our experienced and knowledgeable leak detection specialists are equipped to detect water leaks underground or in walls or floors with the greatest accuracy.

Water leak detection without effective line tracing is still not an adequate solution. Once it is apparent that a water leak exists the exact position and depth of the pipe still remains to be determined. At Alpha Plumbing we make use of highly sophisticated line tracing equipment, in conjunction with a thermal camera, to locate the exact position of the piping. In and around Johannesburg countless homeowners and corporate clients alike will attest that with Alpha Plumbing’s leak detection expertise there is no unnecessary damage to floors or walls in the process of pinpointing and eradicating an obscure water leak.

Our water leak detection specialists, using a metal and pipe locator, can trace and locate any continuous metal such as galvanized, steel, and copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminium wire, conduit and power lines.

For over 28 years, throughout Johannesburg, customer satisfaction has always remained our top priority and is achieved by innovative methods producing top quality results at competitive rates.

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